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Anti Limestone Electronic For Drinking Water

Anti Limestone Electronic For Drinking Water
Anti Limestone Electronic For Drinking Water
Anti Limestone Electronic For Drinking Water
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Brand Unbranded
Item Water Treatment Products
Type Cleaning Tools
MPN Does Not Apply
Sub-Type Electric
Country/Region of Manufacture Italy

ANTI LIMESTONE ELECTRONIC FOR DRINKING WATER DESCRIPTION ANTI LIMESTONE APPLIANCE FOR YOUR HOME- Quick and easy installation- Maintenance free- Do not change the characteristics of the water ANTI LIMESTONE ELECTRONIC FOR DRINKING WATERPROBLEMS WITH LIMESTONE? PIPES encrusted, REDUCED CAPACITY, BOILER AND TAPS BLOCKED?SPOTTED SINK, SHOWER SHOWCASE STRIPED, dishwasher and washing machine broken?THE SOLUTION 'KALKAWAY The new generation of anti limestoneThe scale deposits reduce the passage section of the piping, increase waste, damage appliances and boilers and can provide fertile ground for the proliferation of bacteria.Once installed kalkAway generates an electric field that makes precipitate the crystals in microscopic structures that lost the ability to aggregate, pass through any type of filter reaching up to the discharge without forming deposits.In addition to avoiding the formation of limestone, kalkAway remove deposits already present in freeing the tubes. And 'statement: has an initial cost much contentIt does not involve any maintenance or addition of chemicals, so no additional costIt 'easy to install: is inserted along the hose with a simple bypass and its compact dimensions allow it to fit easily in tight spacesE 'immediately operational and requires no adjustmentsAnd 'ecological work requiring a minimum amount of energy, no waste or consumablesDoes not alter the composition of respecting the rules of lawkalkAway can be installed in correspondence with the general water (and also protecting appliances that use cold water) or upstream of the boiler or water heater, so as to prevent the fouling.Operates in any position: you can install horizontally or vertically for maximum flexibility of use.SpecificationsModel kalkAway FlatThe smallest of the generation ideal for handling the production of sanitary hot water (boiler / boilers)Capacity Activation 1.3 m³ / hMaximum width 100 mmMaximum length 250 mmMaximum height 120 mmFittings 1/2 "230Vac 50HzPower consumption max 2 WModel kalkAway HomeAnd 'ideal for single users (apartment with central heating, individual villas / duplexes)Capacity Activation 3.0 m³ / hMaximum width 100 mmMaximum length 360 mmMaximum height 160 mmConnections 1 "230Vac 50Hz Power consumption max 2 WModel kalkAway 8Suitable for small condominiums or residential groups (up to 25 users)Capacity Activation 8.0 m³ / hMaximum width 100 mmMaximum length 800 mmMaximum height 300 mmFittings 2 "230Vac 50HzPower consumption Max 5 WModel kalkAway 20Ideal for residential groups extended (up to 50 users)Capacity activation 20,0 m³ / hMaximum width 100 mmMaximum length 900 mmMaximum height 300 mmFittings 2 "230Vac 50HzPower consumption max 10 WThe use of models 8 kA and 20 kA is suitable both for civil use and for industry.Need for higher flow rates, it is possible to install two devices in parallel by dividing the flow between two identical devices.kalkAway is patented; attention, FLAT version is not equipped with metal casing. price: 671Also on: for shipments on:ULSTER AND ISLANDSplease ask for quote of shipping !!!!CoMMUNICATIONQualitYWARRANTYESReTURNContaCTSThe best way to communicate with us is the electronic mail. For online purchases we consider essential a good communication.We are also available by telephone for need 'special respecting office hours.All parts for sale come from a few serious and selected suppliers. Although this can 'always happen that an object has a defect or that the customer is not satisfied.Always be wary from the objects offered by illegal vendors without VAT, if an item costs less the reason is that you are selling a product second choice most of the time without his knowledge.If for any reason you are not satisfied with the received item you can 'give back and be reimbursed, as long as intact, packed, and your cargo transportation costs.* * See conditions in the shop's homepage under "refunds". After the purchase, let your positive feedback with 5 stars, starlets 4 considered a poor score! sare reciprocated immediately! We care about our Feedback, there is no problem without a solution, please contact us before leaving Negative Feedback! After-sales: do not hesitate to contact us for any problem, even after receiving the goods, we are always at your disposal, and we hope to do new business with you!Under Article 5 of Legislative Decree 185 of 1999, the customer has the option to terminate the contract / order stipulated on the Internet without penalty and without giving any explanation, in compliance with the following conditions. The right of withdrawal: - For lack of the essential integrity of the property (the packaging and / or its contents) - Use of part of the property and any supplies - the lack of external and / or internal - the absence of product components (accessories, cables, manuals , parties ...) - damage to the product for reasons other than transportation in the case above, we will return to sender the property purchased. They can not exercise the right to cancel customers who purchase with VAT and those who buy custom goods. In order to exercise this right of withdrawal, within a period of 10 (ten) days business from the receipt of goods ordered, the customer must send the address below a registered letter with return receipt. Communications will be sent, within the same period, by telegram, telex and facsimile, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within the following 48 hours. The notification must contain: - the intention of using the benefit granted by the Legislative Decree no. 185 of May 22, 1999 - the indication of / the product / s for / i where / i is decided to exercise the right of withdrawal - the data of one's checking account (in order for the return of the sum due). To obtain a refund of the fee, the customer will, at its own expense, return the products purchased at the following address Payment must be made within 3 working days following the declaration of withdrawal. 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Anti Limestone Electronic For Drinking Water

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