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Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp...

Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp Led Halogen Elmark
Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp Led Halogen Elmark
Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp Led Halogen Elmark
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MPN ELMARK +39 055.863311 +39 055.8662143 +39 055.863260 WhatsApp +39 391.4971518 Skype Facebook CABINET SPOTLIGHT SIM-5 White or Chrome FOR LED HALOGEN XENON BULB G4 JC 12V MAX 20W (Bulb not included) ELMARK LightingCod. RB9205/CH (Chrome) Cod. RB9205/W (White) Technical characteristics: - Operating voltage : 12V - Lamp power : max.20W - Material: sheet steel - Installation : indoor recessed mounting - Lampholder(commercial kit) : GU4 silicone cable 0.75mm² and a length of 100mm - Light source(optional): recommended JC lamp, socket G4, Voltage - 12V, capsule - Body color : white, chrome, satin nickel, pearl chrome, gold, antique brass - Model options: fixed Application areas: - counters - shelves - wardrobes - kitchen cabinets - workspacesBenefits: - Cute and modest body - Easy fixing - Ideal for interior creative solutions Safety: - Dust and humidity protection level : IP20 - Protection against electric shock : III - Surface requirements: Class F Attention: We make DISCOUNTS for quantity or for retailers, for more information you will find our contact in the initial part of the description. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE SHIPPING TRACEABLE IS MORE SAFE, DO NOT RESPOND OTHERWISE FOR ANY LOSS OR DELAYS. CONNECTION: The base of the lamp to install / replace. In the image below the main types of attack available Tend to tend to lump products such as LED cold light sources. Instead, they can emit different colors of light, going to replace traditional light sources with warm light or yellow. It is measured in degrees kelvin. A low temperature (around 2000 K) corresponds to a yellow-orange color. At higher temperature, the light becomes whiter at first, then blue, violet and ultraviolet. Typically it is usually grouped into three groups shades of light emitted by the LED products: WARM LIGHT– WW Warm White (2700-3500k): Shade closest to the color of the typical incandescent bulbs that still today we find in our homes. Turns out, just to housing, the most suitable to create relaxing atmospheres and welcoming. NATURAL LIGHT– NW Natural White (4000K-5000K): Shades of color lighter than the warm light. It does not have the typical yellow color component. E 'normally used for offices and work environments. COOL LIGHT – WH Cool White (6000-8000K): Temperature distinctly white color, tending approsivativamente a bluish tone. Light typically used in industrial work areas and in all cases in which you need to environments in which the light tends not to relax but to keep alive the attention. How much can I really save money using LED lamps? Use LED products is a great way to contain the power consumption of your home. The LED illumination, however, has many other advantages for different types of applications; makes it unique offices, beautifies the outdoor spaces and provides functional and economical solutions for hotels, shops and businesses. Click here to add between FAVORITE STORES !!!

Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp Led Halogen Elmark

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Cabinet Spotlight Sim-5 White Chrome For Bulb G4 Jc 12v Lamp Led Halogen Elmark

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