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Hubcaps, Studs, Caps Model Avalone Pro Dark 15 Chrome Logo...

Hubcaps, Studs, Caps Model Avalone Pro Dark 15   Chrome Logo Peugeot
PRV*: 53,80 EUR
51,11 EUR

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Size 15''
Quantity 4
Unit Type kg
Country/Region of Manufacture Italy
Brand Lampa
Manufacturer Part Number 31532
EAN 8000692315323

NEW - HUBCAPS, STUDS, CAPS MODEL AVALONE PRO DARK 15 " CHROME LOGO PEUGEOTBEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE PURCHASE CHECK THE DIAMETER OF THE WHEEL. Set of 4 wheel trims for cars made of first chioce ABS. Easy to mount on all iron wheels. They are provided with hardened steel sealing ring, to remain firmly anchored along the perimeter of the rim even when the wheel is subjected to jolts and at extreme temperatures. Double-layer coating with chrome bolts; bolts have a decorative function and not a mountion function. The central logo can be customized on request prior telephone contact with the dealer. Recommended to those who, by fitting winter wheels, does not want to give up the beauty of the alloy wheel, or to those who ,having studs that due to the years and the intensive use have suffered deterioration, want to freshen up the look of their car. WARNING: Before proceeding with the purchase of wheel covers for your car or truck always check that the size of your wheels coincides with the diameter of the wheel covers.

Hubcaps, Studs, Caps Model Avalone Pro Dark 15 Chrome Logo Peugeot

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  • Cod. Articolo: 272412990999

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Hubcaps, Studs, Caps Model Avalone Pro Dark 15 Chrome Logo Peugeot

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