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Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup...

Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac
Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac
Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac
Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac
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Brand V-TAC
MPN VT-1871 +39 055.863311 +39 055.8662143 +39 055.863260 +39 055.4641400 Skype Facebook LED SPOTLIGHT SMD GU10 5W (350LM) ON GLASS 3000K° Warm , 4500K° Natural, 6000K° Cool Light HIGH QUALITY HIGH BRIGHTNESS LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION V-TAC (VT-1871)Cod. RB1610 (5W - 3000K°)Cod. RB1611 (5W - 4500K°)Cod. RB1612 (5W - 6000K°) Technical Files.IES Report (pdf)SpecificationsWattage 5WBase GU10Time for 100% ON 0.001 sec (instant on)EQ Watts 40WColor stability 80PF > 0.4Beam Angle 120°Body Type GlassLifespan 20000 hDimmable No SizesDimensions 50 x 59 mmAttention, we provide bulk discounts and retailers, please contact us e-mail or call us at nr. 055 863311 Click here to add between FAVORITE STORES !!!CONNECTION: The base of the lamp to install / replace. In the image below the main types of attack available Tend to tend to lump products such as LED cold light sources. Instead, they can emit different colors of light, going to replace traditional light sources with warm light or yellow. It is measured in degrees kelvin. A low temperature (around 2000 K) corresponds to a yellow-orange color. At higher temperature, the light becomes whiter at first, then blue, violet and ultraviolet.Typically it is usually grouped into three groups shades of light emitted by the LED products:HOT LIGHT – WW Warm White (2700-3500k): Shade closest to the color of the typical incandescent bulbs that still today we find in our homes. Turns out, just to housing, the most suitable to create relaxing atmospheres and welcoming.NATURAL LIGHT – NW Natural White (4000K-5000K): Shades of color lighter than the warm light. It does not have the typical yellow color component. E 'normally used for offices and work environments.COLD LIGHT – WH Cool White (6000-8000K): Temperature distinctly white color, tending approsivativamente a bluish tone. Light typically used in industrial work areas and in all cases in which you need to environments in which the light tends not to relax but to keep alive the attention.How much can I really save money using LED lamps?Use LED products is a great way to contain the power consumption of your home. The LED illumination, however, has many other advantages for different types of applications; makes it unique offices, beautifies the outdoor spaces and provides functional and economical solutions for hotels, shops and businesses. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE SHIPPING TRACEABLE is MORE 'SAFE, DO NOT RESPOND OTHERWISE FOR ANY LOSS OR DELAYS. All Those who buy more 'objects from the same or different listings in our store will have the chance to save on shipping costs by taking advantage of a single service. Shipping costs: The shipping costs are always real, based on the lists of our couriers and are calculated according to the: Weight / volume ratio Despatch goods: The processing time of 'order and' the time that elapses between receipt of payment and 'custody the package to the courier. Usually the shipment of goods is made within 24 working hours calculated by 'credit, except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and other information about specified in each listing. Delivery: We inform our customers that the shipping is by means: SDA OR THROUGH POSTAL Depending on the nature of the goods shipped and the place of delivery. The average delivery time may vary from 3 to 6 working days depending on the location of delivery for express shipments, while for other services not express the times are getting longer. Warranty:All goods sold by us are new and covered by a European guarantee of 24 months. Invoicing: Upon request we issue invoices showing VAT separately. In order to issue the invoice we need the following data: Heading:VAT / tax identification number (required for sole proprietorships) billing addressThe bill will be 'attached to the package and sent in advance by e-mail. It 's not necessary to request an invoice' act of purchase, you can also request it later, important that such a request is made by the end of the month in which the 'object and' was purchased. Any refunds of merchandise and related reimbursement are governed by Italian law mail-order sales. Where the customer has purchased a product not responsive to its expectations, it has 10 days from the date of delivery of the goods, to exercise the "right of withdrawal", ie the possibility 'to return the product communicating its intention by registered mail with return receipt requested (to avoid you We authorize you to forward us additional expenses communication via e-mail). We will accept the return of any article, as long as' intact and in original packaging, reimbursing the entire amount excluding shipping costs that are borne by the customer (as required by applicable law). Before you ask us to send back the 'exact address to which to send back the' object !! In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003, we provide information about: purpose 'and mode' treatment of your personal data common area of

Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac

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Led Spotlight Bulb Smd Gu10 5w 3000k 4500k 6000k Glass Cup Lamp Light V-tac

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